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XVenture, creators of Australia's premier experiential learning program for business teams, today announced an innovative partnership with Event Cinemas to deliver its ground-breaking 100 Leaders program.

Organisations can now share and learn inspirational lessons in leadership in a unique, moderated cinema experience for not much more than the price of a movie ticket.

The revolutionary cinema experience is the latest advance from XVenture, who started out delivering a special experiential learning challenge program for business teams on free-to-air channel ONE and subscription television channel SKY Business in 2011.

Since then, XVenture has delivered challenges and experiences to some of the world's best organisations, in Australia and overseas.

This month XVenture announced the launch of the 100 Leaders program digitally, with a unique profit-sharing model that benefits charities via their own digital platform. Now the new venture with Event Cinemas opens up a fully interactive learning experience designed to engage, inspire and motivate the masses.

Over an 18-month period, XVenture interviewed and recorded 100 people from all walks of life to create the 100 Leaders program. From LA to London and Hong Kong to Sydney; from small, medium and large organisations, doctors, dancers, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians to business executives, financiers, manufacturers, technologists, charity leaders and sports people ? all have participated in this exciting project.

The project is self-funded by the XVenture team led by founder and CEO Mike Conway, who is also an Adjunct Professor at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

XVenture has produced these interviews into short video clips, supported by animation, music and imagery to deliver some of the most inspiring contemporary thoughts and views about leadership ever seen.

"Whilst we've interviewed some very high-profile and amazing people including Steve Waugh, Laura Geitz and Ronni Kahn, every person we've met has had an incredible story to tell and wisdom to share", said Mr Conway.

Organisations can now share and learn from the leadership interviews and connected themes in a unique cinema experience.

"Just imagine your organisation's people turning up to an Event Cinema first thing in the morning to experience a 100-minute 100 Leaders program", Mr Conway said. "People get to walk the red carpet, enjoy a breakfast and a moderated cinema experience for not much more than the price of a movie ticket."

"In typical XVenture style, each event is exciting, different, and tailored to suit the audience by using voting app technologies where the audience get to choose what and who they see on the big screen. Within hours of the experience, the organisation and all the participants also get a summary of the key lessons and messages."

"We are blending state-of-the-art learning techniques with the content delivered, so the retention of the content is very high."

"The 100 Leaders program is inspiring and engaging. Influential and current leaders share philosophies and ideas, which are delivered on the big screen. The programming is delivered like no other training, its an enjoyable and entertaining experience, meanwhile you're team is learning, sharing and then reflecting within the session. It really is a special experience and we are thrilled to be working with XVenture on it", said Luke Mackey, General Manager, Operations at Event Cinemas.

The first to try this innovative learning concept was global charity Adara Group, founded by Audette Exel. Adara's global team has already included the 100 Leaders experience as part of their annual conference.

"It's so beautifully done, clever and inspirational. It is such a unique way of sharing knowledge", said Ms Exel.

Pepper Group Co-Group CEOs Patrick Tuttle and Mike Culhane have integrated the 100 Leaders forum into their quarterly staff update to ensure as many of their Sydney-based staff as possible could experience it. More than 250 people spent a morning with 100 Leaders and heard messages and insights from people like Steve Waugh, Kristie Buchanan, Mark McCrindle, Ronni Kahn and many more on a range of themes, including 'being courageous', 'embracing change' and 'decision making'.

These participants were surprised by 100 Leaders world water ski champion, Leanne Campbell, who shared her thoughts on leaders and themes from the session, as well as taking questions from the audience. For those who couldn't attend this session (and those from other Australian cities) access to all the content was enabled via XVenture's digital platform after the event.

Organisations are now booking in for the Event Cinema sessions in June and July, seeing this as a way to engage and inspire a large portion of their employees in a cost-effective and timely way. It's also a clever way for organisations to gain an insight about what type of leaders and leadership traits resonate with their employees via the special app voting system.

The 100 Leaders forum can be customised to suit any type of organisation and delivered around Australia to groups of 36 to 800 people at a time.

You can see the trailer for 100 Leaders here: www.xventure.com.au/100leaders

About XVenture

XVenture designs and delivers customised solutions for business, leadership, team and experiential learning programs, with a flair for the innovation that made its XVenture Corporate Challenge a landmark television series. XVenture delivers programs globally to individuals, teams and organisations in a variety of formats. All programs incorporate cutting-edge audiovisual content as well as the acclaimed 100 Leaders program. CEO and founder Mike Conway is an Adjunct Professor at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia's top-ranked MBA school. A specialist in leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence, he produces and directs digital learning modules for MGSM?s MBA program. XVenture is the trading name for Australian Institute of Leadership Pty Ltd. Its two directors are Mike Conway and Daniela Kraus, the Chief Operating Officer

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