XVenture Experience presented by NORTHS

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On Friday 30th September, 30 teams from 19 different organisations participated in the ultimate team, leadership and networking experience.

Presented and hosted by NORTHS, in this XVenture Experience teams spent the afternoon undertaking a series of XVenture?s most exciting challenges, designed to test all aspects teamwork, leadership and strategy development. It wasn't about the fittest, fastest and strongest.

In true XVenture style - there were plenty of twists, turns and surprises along the way, finishing up with the unique chance for teams to connect with other organisations during the post- experience function, hosted by NORTHS. Congratulations to Campbelltown City Council who were the winners on the day!

Click here to see a video of the fun afternoon

Watch this space - more XVenture Experience programs coming in 2017!

Thank you also to The Greens and NORTHS Fitness for their support.

* If you would like to host an XVenture Experience, or you would like to participate in one, please contact experience@xventure.com.au

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