XVenture is hiring!

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XVenture is hiring!

XVenture sets the standard which goes beyond the ceiling of the standard which most people set for themselves. We illuminate the path, taking people and organisations from good to great by shattering that standard’s ceiling.

What we do

Since its inception 5 years ago, XVenture has become known as the producers of the richest and most inspiring cutting-edge learning, development and leadership programs anywhere, delivered live and across all media and platforms. Our work has been experienced throughout Australia and globally in the UK, Asia and New Zealand. We have a big vision, big plans and a track record to prove we can achieve anything with the right team.

Who we work with

XVenture’s work has been widely applauded and attributed to the professional and personal growth and development of thousands of people globally working with organisations such as Deloitte, Westpac, LendLease, MGSM, Stryker, PWC, Good Design Australia, ecostore, Macquarie Group, Corality, Sydney FC, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder, Cricket NSW, Australian Sailing Team, Dexus Property Group, Shopper Tracker and many more.

Our latest work has seen XVenture be part of Sydney FC’s championship and history making A-League team, with our CEO and Founder working directly with players and coaching staff on mental agility, resilience and developing emotional intelligence. The results are there for all to see.

XVenture created and delivers an experientially- based leadership unit at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia’s number 1 MBA School. This inspired the creation and development of a School’s program focused on developing EQ, confidence and resilience in year 10 and 11 students. These two hugely successful programs consist of a mix of online, face-to-face and experiential practice, integrating the rich and powerful content developed in-house.

Who we’re looking for

We are now looking for a passionate, innovative, smart and ‘outside the box’ person with high EQ to join us and lead our reach into the global market place by driving our rich online content library into the devices of managers, CEOs, learning and development specialists and human resources directors.

We are looking for someone special who strives to be great on many fronts. Your most important attributes include: a great sense of humour and personal presentation with excellent rapport building capability (in person and on the phone) and excellent command of English (both written and verbal). You’ve got to be a team player yet be able to work independently and be comfortable with ambiguity (there isn’t a road map to success).

Come and join us

To join the XVenture team for a 12- month period and beyond, then make yourself known. Initially please send your resume in your chosen media to the COO at experience@xventure.com.au by Friday 9th June 2017.


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