Come On People - No More Short Cuts! (If you want to be great)

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Lessons from XVenture's Founder & CEO Mike Conway, on a record breaking year working as the EQ, mental agility and leadership coach at Sydney FC, Australia's elite and record-breaking team and their application in business.


On a plane heading with the Sydney FC team for an A-League match versus Perth Glory I watched the "I am Bolt" documentary on Ussain Bolt. This is the same team that created the wonderful documentary about Manchester United "Class of '92" which inspired me so deeply.

In all our work at XVenture we encourage people to be the best they can be. To strive to move from good to great. Some will talk of "belief" or "shooting for the stars" in empassioned pleas. Align this with a goal, a purpose, then the  "Why" I am committed to something is strengthened. However this isn't enough either. "How" each of us does this individually and together, every day sets us apart.

In this article I share the lessons I've learnt working as part of Sydney FC's coaching team and provide insights on how these can apply in the success and growth of any organisation. There are no short cuts to attaining greatness and success.

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