Eight Amazing Charities Participate in the Inaugural XVenture Challenge!

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On the 19th of May, 2014, eight charities turned up at the start line of the inaugural XVenture Charity Challenge. The participating charities who competed in a range of team and leadership challenges in a one day XVenture program were; Heart Foundation, Variety, the Children’s Charity, ISIS Foundation, Canteen, OzHarvest, North West Disability Service, National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and White Ribbon. An Australian first and the ultimate shared experiential learning opportunity for organisations from the charity, or not-for- profit sector.


XVenture’s life started in 2012 as the nationally televised 8 part TV series ‘XVenture Corporate Challenge, Cairns’, which saw 14 teams compete over 4 days in team and leadership based challenges.


Now, the XVenture team offers organisations the opportunity to participate in XVenture Challenges year –around in a variety of programs. XVenture consists of a dedicated group of professionals who want to foster shared learning, growth and development of individuals and teams. They work with organisations that are dedicated to their people and understand that by investing and nurturing a close knit culture; so they can weather the turbulent storms of the changing economic landscape. It is not about being the fittest, fastest and strongest, but leveraging the resources in a team in order to be successful.


The XVenture Charity Challenge came to fruition from the desire to make an XVenture experience accessible to all types of organisations. Organisations for this Challenge were funded by XVenture, hosted at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. Teams of six people from each, participated, with a focus on communication, decision making under pressure, creativity, strategy and shared learning. Teams were supported by coaching and the XVenture team throughout their experience and had the opportunity for a shared learning experience with other participating charities. After a day of challenges, teams shared a meal and a plenary session with a reflection on the day, including a video capturing the day. Major sponsors who supported the day were Fi-Ta, who made the colourful uniforms, ecostore, who provided beautiful toiletries and other supporters were Sydney Academy of Sport, Trophyland and Factory One.


The winner, the team who collected the most XVenture dollars, was OzHarvest, receiving the XVenture Charity Challenge Champions trophy and a $1,000 donation.


It is XVenture’s plan to have an XVenture Charity Challenge every year, in addition to the programs they run year around with organisations such as PWC, Goodlife Health, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, BUPA, TNT and Unilever.


For further information about XVenture, please visit the website at www.xventure.com.au or call (02) 9415 1112. Visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/xventurechallenge where you can also see pictures of the XVenture Charity Challenge.

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