The story.

During a time where organisations were afraid to innovate and take risks, a group of visionary Australian organisations decided to make a statement and take a lead to encourage a change in attitude by putting their brands and their people into the public arena.

Inspired by a belief that organisational success and prosperity is achieved by people having the right environment to work and learn together with belief, passion, creativity and fun, Mike Conway created the first XVenture Corporate Challenge TV Show, with Richard Scotts. This global first, was broadcast in 2011 nationally by One HD, Sky Business and throughout Asia via the ABC Asia Network.

14 of Australia's prominent companies participated in the nationally televised series of 'XVenture Corporate Challenge, Cairns', and demonstrated to Australia that people are the heart of their organisations and that in order to be successful an organisation's focus should be people, not product.

We are XVenture.

We believe that amazing leadership and teamwork sets apart the best.

The XVenture team are truly passionate about this. We believe that true success and progress comes from taking a risk together. Every product and every service ever created had, as its starting point, an idea driven by people. This is our business. Bringing people close together to achieve shared goals and dreams.

We are a qualified and passionate team of professionals across the leadership, events, entertainment, sport, fitness, production, corporate and marketing environments. We offer individuals, teams and organisations access to contemporary and best learning opportunities in the leadership and team space.

  • Participate

By taking part in the XVenture Challenge TV Show, your organisation will demonstrate to your employees, clients and Australia that people are the heart of your organisation. It's about people, not about products and services. Innovation, engagement, motivation and reward are just some of the underlying benefits you will unearth in your participation with XVenture.

  • Your brand is our most treasured asset.

XVenture stands for trust. Across our team we have worked with world class brands, both within XVenture but also our team's 'past lives', where it was our job to ensure brands were always protected and treated with upmost integrity. Your organisation's participation in XVenture will be no different. We will ensure that your organisation, people and brand stand out for the right reasons.

XVenture commitment to deliver.

  • The best of shared learning experiences.

XVenture Challenge provides the opportunity for shared learning experiences to take place in an open, yet competitive environment against up to 31 teams from other organisations. Participants have an unsurpassed networking opportunity with organisations and people from all the Australian business environment.

  • Documented learning experiences.

Each challenge is followed by the completion of a learning log, which will be delivered back into your organisation after participation. This is a valuable tool you can use for training purposes, benchmarking and ongoing review.

  • State of the art team and leadership solutions.

Compete in teams of 6, over 3 days in specifically developed challenges which test mental, physical and emotional strengths of both teams and individuals. You will need to think fast and decide how to best maximise the resources in your team to be successful in any given challenge.

  • An engaging, highly innovative and completely immersive experience.

We won't disclose exactly what you will do, that's part of the journey, but we will tell you that you will be in a safe, supported and nurturing environment. The XVenture team is dedicated to ensuring that your organisation's objectives are realised, and that your brand and people are protected at all times.

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XVenture Experience presented by NORTHS

DATE: Thursday, 30 November

XVenture Experience - the ultimate team, leadership and dynamic networking experience is coming to North Sydney and Cammeray!

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Past XVenturers.

What people are saying...

  • "Thank you once again for a sensational week. Rest assured that we will be doing everything we can do to promote the show with our audience, that includes more than 140,000 members."

    Paul Wappett
    Executive General Manager, Strategy
    CPA Australia

  • "It was brilliant, and just so nice to be surrounded by other individuals and organisations with a similar mindset."

    Claudia Milunsky
    Event Manager
    Variety, the Children’s Charity

  • "My team had such a wonderful time during the XVenture Charity Challenge! Their stories lasted for days and they seemed very proud of their achievements."

    Karina Dunne
    Heart Foundation

  • "We worked so well as a team, firstly having lots of fun and just working in harmony and effectively, our training in this field gives us ability to scan our environment, do the challenge and adapt quickly to the requirements for success." 

    North West Disability Services

  • "Thank you to your team who organised the challenge yesterday. Our champions are all saying how marvelous you and your team were yesterday in giving them all support needed."


  • ‘Thank you for the opportunity to join in the day, we all had a good time and realised some fundamental values amongst us.’

    Katherine Newton
    Executive Partnerships and Fundraising
    White Ribbon

  • "As you may have guessed, we had a brilliant time and are happily talking to everyone we come across about our XVenture experience... You and your team were amazing - I can only imagine how much effort goes in before, during and after an event of this magnitude and to pull it off so spectacularly is a real credit to you and the fabulous team. I can't praise the crew (from events to production and beyond) highly enough. "

    Joanna Moore
    Head of Markets, PWC Private Clients
    Pricewaterhouse Coopers

  • "On behalf of the FDC team, many thanks for a truly exceptional week. It certainly exceeded all expectations and provided many wonderful experiences. The networking opportunities were fantastic, and all teams were a pleasure to be around."


    Shane Cevenini
    Project Manager
    FDC Construction & Fitout Pty. Ltd.

  • "Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for not only for having that vision 2 years ago, but for working so hard to make it a reality. As a participant, the experience was truly mind blowing. It ticked all the boxes plus many, many more. I know each and every team member from Team Storage King has taken so much away with them from this experience and we will work hard to pass on those lessons learnt to the greater Storage King Group. Congratulations to you and the massive team you had around you to bring this production together. I can't wait to see the final product."

    Grant McNamee
    General Manager of Operations
    Storage King

  • "We had a blast and learnt an enormous amount in some many areas. Watching you guys in action was impressive and we learnt many things that we can take to TV ads and productions we make. I am sure there will be future things we can do together. Thanks for allowing us to be involved, we are committed to doing this again and already have a client who would also like to be involved."

    Damian Pincus
    The Works

XVenture Clients.

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